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Investissement immobilier en Corse

Je cherche un investisseur pour un montant de 300 000 € (tout compris) en immobilier qui pourra nous aider à faire l’acquisition de ce bâtiment. Actuellement, les loyers déjà perçue sont de 1240 € par mois et reste deux appartements à louer après rénovation. Valeur des loyers avec 5 appartements loués : 2100 € par mois. Possibilité par la suite de construire le même bâtiment à coté avec cette fois-ci une revente par lot. Cherche quelqu’un en urgence de sérieux car il y a déjà des promoteurs sur l’affaire et il faut conclure dans la semaine à venir

Contact : fcolombaniatgmail.com
Date annonce : 12 août 2020


  • 15 juin 2021, par michb


    I am Micheal Billy. We are looking for lucrative Investment Opportunities with excellent Return on Investment (ROI) in your country.
    My client is a retired former top Government official who spent decades in Government in South America. He mandated me to seek a Foreigner with wealth of experience and connections in Business, Investments, Fund Management and leverages.
    Who can invest and manage this fund for him and his family as the Investor.

    Below are my client’s terms ;

    1) He needs a country that is politically stable and has an excellent investment climate and I think you will be nice and ideal
    knowing that you are very good in Project development / management.
    2) He is interested in investing into a new or existing business as a joint partner, depending on how lucrative the business is.
    3) Terms of the investment will be based on profit sharing, that means, you do not pay any interest on the money, but you give the
    investor 25% of the profits that is generated from the use of the funds.
    4) He would like absolute confidentiality and is ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
    5) If you need capital, kindly send in a brief business plan, funds required and your telephone number for our review

    I have the opinion that you can take custody of the funds as FUND MANAGER for a period of 5 years.

    The Investment company is willing to invest between $1 Million to $100 Billion on any viable project in any area of Business
    Specialization the fund is deposited with a Bank in the USA. He is prepared to work with you towards investing this money
    in your country based on your professional advice. My client will issue a Power of Attorney to you giving you full authority
    over the funds and also give necessary instructions to the Bank to see that the funds are released to you, and we will like
    to personally deal with you, not your company.

    Awaiting your response via : michealbilly9@gmail.com

    Micheal Billy
    Investment Adviser